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About Richard

As a keen hill walker and climber I always wanted to live close to Dartmoor and the Tors and in 2012, following retirement from a career as lecturer and researcher in biological sciences at universities in London, Southampton and Bournemouth, I was able to do exactly that and relocate to West Devon.


The tactile and structural variety found in wood has always intrigued me and it seemed a natural progression to try and take that form and shape it to some end. Each wood will offer different challenges and rewards to the turner and all are worthwhile, but my preference is for the native woods such as Oak, Ash and Yew which give a connection to the landscape in the pathway from tree to functional object. 

Practical work at the bench was, to me, the best part of a career in Science and working at the lathe gives me the same feeling of satisfaction. Many years ago my PhD supervisor told me that he always asked potential students if they enjoyed cooking; a positive reply was a good indicator that they had the makings of a research worker. In that respect perhaps turning a bowl would be as informative as a well risen soufflé!

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